Wilhoit Living

Wilhoit Properties is dedicated to providing high-quality, clean, accessible and affordable housing opportunities for today’s household.

We are a family run company that prides itself on offering unique affordable-housing options for households of all sizes throughout Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and South Carolina. No matter what type of housing is next on your list, we’re confident you’ll find something suitable—and affordable—within our portfolio of properties.

Options & Expectations

Options at Wilhoit Properties include garden-style apartments, townhomes, homes and subdivisions. Unit sizes start at simple one-bed/one- bath apartments and go all the way up to 4-bed/3- bath homes in high-quality neighborhoods. The one constant in all of our properties is quality—construction, amenities and customer service.

We understand the benefits of “affordable housing” to an area’s people and its economic development. We dedicate our expertise to making the most of every property’s long-term potential.
Features & Benefits

All of our residences start with comfortable and clean living spaces. We add all the meaningful amenities we can squeeze in at each location. Obviously, the newer the development, the more modern the facilities present. And, with each new endeavor, we continue to expand our offerings—as technology, interest and consumer demand progresses.