Wilhoit Living

Find the perfect home at Wilhoit Properties, whether your household is still growing or you’re ready to enjoy your golden years. Enjoy a selection of living spaces ranging from single-bedroom apartments to multiple bedroom homes.

Bringing You Home

Wilhoit Properties is pleased to represent more than 200 properties across seventeen states throughout the Central and Southern US. While the buildings themselves may differ in structure and location, every single one of our properties operates on the principles upon which we built our company and reputation. Find your next home at Wilhoit.

Building Communities Together

Communities are built by the people who live and work there, and affordable housing makes it possible to launch careers and live prosperous lives. When people can afford to live and work in an area, the economic benefits are without limit. At Wilhoit Properties, we dedicate our expertise to making the most of every property’s long-term potential. These are properties tailored specifically for low-income residents, providing a clean and comfortable place to call home.

Affordable Living for Today’s Lifestyle

At Wilhoit Properties, we cater to residents of all backgrounds. Home is defined in many ways by many people, and all are welcome at our properties. You may be just starting out on your journey or a senior enjoying the golden years. Whatever home looks like to you, we have it Wilhoit Properties.

For Our Current Residents

Your online hub of everything involving your home. Wilhoit Properties makes it easy to keep up to date on all things happening in or around your home, community, or neighborhood. You can even schedule maintenance, pay rent, and check out property events. Access your resident portal to manage and maximize your Wilhoit Living experience.